Belgian Chocolates - climbing sector - Arginonda Kalymnos


Using the same access for Noufaro then continue to the right and after a few min left and upwards following the marks for 4min to a flat gray slab. This sector can also be approached from the pillar for “Archi”. 

Climbing Routes
Route Difficulty Length
Bevers bolts – 6a+ 113m (5 pitches) 6a+ 113
CU…… - 5b 25m 5b 25
Dodo – 6a+ 28m** 6a+ 28
Ewa – 6b 26m*** 6b 26
Faron – 5c 27m*** 5c 27
Gocce – 5b 27m 5b 27
Il grande puffo – 6c+ 30m 6c+ 30
Jolli – 5b+ 27m** 5b 27
La mouette – 6c 30m*** 6c 30
La pufetta – 6a+ 30m 6a+ 30
Le coq – 6c 30m** 6c 30
Milka – 5a 17m* 5a 17
Nicole – 5c 30m ** (expo) 5c 30
Plaisir – 4c 30m** 4c 30
Red spot – 5b+ 18m** 5b+ 18
Rock Shrimps – 6a 17m** 6a 17
Sharp Things – 5c 15m** 5c 15
Sponge Diver – 5b 25m ** 5b 25
Stone diver – 5a 33m (2 pitches) 5a 33
Strange tree – 5b+ 18m** 5b+ 18
Sunny Mouse – 5c 30m* 5c 30
Thia Fotisi – 5c+/6a 22m*** 5c 22

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Climbing Kalymnos Island

ELIES Homes is the former Hotel ELIES.

ELIES Homes used to be a 3 star hotel for many years.

People know it as Hotel ELIES and still refer to it like this. Even on this website you might find the title Hotel ELIES.

Please ask for the former Hotel ELIES, if locals don't know where ELIES Homes are. And keep in mind that it is not a hotel anymore.