A brief presentation of Kalymnos Island

Presentation by KALYMNOS BOOKINGS.Natasha

Kalymnos Island is a picturesque Greek Island, inhabited by authentic islanders who live a simple and vivid life, with respect to our traditional customs and morals and with a minimal influence from tourism development.

Kalymnos has all that you would expect from a small Greek Island

Impressive island scenes, Magnificent views, Beautiful beaches, Castles, Museums, Local events, Excursions to the nearby islands and Turkey, Caves to explore, Activities, Nightlife, Chances for "MAMA MIA" type weddings, Local products like sponges and the famous thyme honey, Delicious cuisine, Low prices respecting the budget of an average family and Simple but fully equipped accommodation.

Kalymnos highlights? Rock Climbing and Scuba Diving!

Kalymnos Island is a worldwide top destination for rock climbing featuring:

  • Easy and quick accessible climbing sectors 
  • Great rock quality
  • Perfect weather all year round
  • Climbing festival

Kalymnos Island famous as "the Sponge Divers Island", is simply a top destination for scuba diving in Greece.

  • Rich and colorful seabed
  • Seabed full of treasures
  • Breathtaking underwater sceneries
  • Crystal clear warm water
  • Spectacular and quickly accessible Dive Sites
  • High Standard Diving Services

We wait for you!

We have a lot more for you but you have to come to get it. Flying to Kalymnos is easy and it takes only 30 minutes to come from Kos airport!

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Kalymnos Island