The climbing history of Kalymnos Island

Kalymnos is a rocky island. People who live on Kalymnos island have nothing to do with rock climbing and always blamed these rocky mountains next to their door for their bad luck. 

Kalymnos island was under Italian occupancy until 1947. There are rumors that "some crazy Italian soldiers" were spending their time climbing up and down the cliffs.

It was only at about 1996 that climbers discovered Kalymnos island. Since then Kalymnos island Greece became very famous and is now considered to be one of the best destinations worldwide for rock climbing.

Climbing Kalymnos Island

ELIES Homes is the former Hotel ELIES.

ELIES Homes used to be a 3 star hotel for many years.

People know it as Hotel ELIES and still refer to it like this. Even on this website you might find the title Hotel ELIES.

Please ask for the former Hotel ELIES, if locals don't know where ELIES Homes are. And keep in mind that it is not a hotel anymore.