Conference Amphitheater of ELIES Homes

For holding your event on Kalymnos Island. Conference Amphitheater of ELIES Homes

ELIES Homes feature a high design fully equipped Amphitheater. The only one available on Kalymnos Island.

It accommodates up to 140 people and it is designed to offer full safety and comfort. It is accessible to people with movability difficulties. Ground floor, no daylight.

The Amphitheater is designed to properly orient for Conferences, Meetings, Conventions, Presentations, Educationan Seminars, Certification Examinations, Projections, small Concerts ....



  • 3 Entrances - Safety Exits, with direct access to outdoor for easy and quick walk-out .
  • Active and inactive fire-safety .
  • Safety lighting .
  • Anti Panic reading desks .


  • Theater type seats with anatomic design for long lasting seating. Equipped with Anti panic reading desks .
  • Air condition (freezing - heat) .
  • Ventilation .
  • Special studied sound installation to avoid fatigue.
  • Sound isolation.
  • Sound immersion .
  • Heat insulation .
  • Ground floor.
  • No daylight.

Equipment & installations 

  • Visual projection systems : Video projector, slide projector, transparency projector , Video, TV, DVD player,   electrical screen etc.
  • Conference system.
  • Translation system on demand.
  • Sound and Dolby Surround installations.
  • Screen lighting .
  • Programmable   lighting Dimmer .
  • Remote control for all above functions .
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access.

Contact us

0030-6947604120, 0030-22430-47890

ELIES Homes is the former Hotel ELIES.

ELIES Homes used to be a 3 star hotel for many years.

People know it as Hotel ELIES and still refer to it like this. Even on this website you might find the title Hotel ELIES.

Please ask for the former Hotel ELIES, if locals don't know where ELIES Homes are. And keep in mind that it is not a hotel anymore.