Hotel ELIES name. What it means

ELIES in Greek language means both Olives and Olive trees.

Hotel ELIES logoThe Olive tree and its products are very important and deeply connected with the life and culture of the Greek people and the peoples of the Mediterranean for thousands of years now.

The olive oil is synonymous of a healthy diet while the olive tree branch is the symbol of peace.

ELIES is also the name of the square at the center of Panormos village on Kalymnos Island.

We named our accommodation Hotel ELIES, to honor our area, the Olive trees and the more than 500 years old olive tree we have in our garden.

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Location and Driving directions to ELIES Homes and KALYMNOS Diving Center. ELIES Homes location

ELIES Homes are located 100 meters South of ELIES square, on the left side of the street towards Kantouni beach.

KALYMNOS Diving Center is based in ELIES Homes.

Coming to ELIES Homes from Kos airport.

ELIES Homes is the former Hotel ELIES.

ELIES Homes used to be a 3 star hotel for many years.

People know it as Hotel ELIES and still refer to it like this. Even on this website you might find the title Hotel ELIES.

Please ask for the former Hotel ELIES, if locals don't know where ELIES Homes are. And keep in mind that it is not a hotel anymore.