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Kreissaal / Materrnity Clinic

Description from 2000:

A new field on a grey slab, above the upper houses of the village of Emporios. Sharp grey rock with horizontal steps. At present, three pitches of about 6a. Worth a visit to the ancient castle "Kastri".


From the curve of the road in the entrance of the village Emporios follow the right flank of the valley till the cliffs and the ancient wall and then turn left to the grey slab, left of the big cave. In total 20 min. No signs.

Climbing Routes
Route Difficulty Length
Bossa Nova – 5c+ 30m** 5c 30
Climax – 6a 30m*** 6a 30
Dzodzet Connection – 5c+ 20m** 5c 20
Embryo – 6a 30m** 6a 30
For Sue – 5c+ 30m** 5c 30
Gastilionis – 5b+ 35m** 5b 35
In the mood for love – 6b 18m*** 6b 18
Jassu Stefanie – 5c 25m** 5c 25
Lea – 5a 30m*** 5a 30
Liloh – 6a 25m** 6a 25
Little Leo – 6a 18m** 6a 18
Ovulation – 5c 30m*** 5c 30
Para ti Ursula – 6a 35m** 6a 35
Supernanny Ingrid – 5c 30m** 5c 30
Tamangur – 5c+ 20m** 5c 20

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