Performance diagnosis for climbers

Sport-specific strength and muscular endurance evaluation for climbers.Adam Ondra getting ready to climb a difficult route

This is a two parts seminar and it will be conducted by Assoc. prof. Michail Michailov, PhD and his team.

First the participants will be acquainted with the scientific facts related with the physical demands of sport climbing. Tests for evaluating sport-specific work capacity and methods for improving motor abilities of major importance will be presented.

During the practical part of the seminar the participants will have the chance to try a new advanced system for measuring climbers’ specific strength and muscular endurance. Different working regimes and test protocols can be prescribed through this device. Moreover, several parameters will be calculated from each test.

Therefore, detailed information about the training status can be provided, which is a precondition for optimizing training. For example the proportions between the levels of the decisive abilities and the aerobic and anaerobic capacity of the finger flexors can be assessed.


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