Sikati - climbing sector - Sikati Kalymnos

A unique huge hole, a cave with no roof, with a diameter of 50 – 60m and 70m deep at some parts, with the surrounding walls full of tufas and stalactites.


The first part is the same as for “Skalia Pillar”. Continuing uphill on the same dirt road you will reach the top from were you have panoramic views towards Leros, Turkey and the islands north, north – east side. On your right the settlement of Palionisos and on your left the U bay of Sykati with it’s lonely beach and the small church of St. George. 
Continue downwards for about 300m to the first major switchback. You will find a goat pen here and a bit further down the road a boats cabin.
From the goats pen you can generally get an idea of your course:
•    The climbing area is directly opposite the head land/peninsula forming the northern border of Sykati’s bay.
•    The climbing area is behind (north west) the third and last bunker (old houses left by the Italians during the war).
 Go through the gate of the goats pen, with a red dot at the top (always maintain the gates in the position they are found) and trend generally down and west to a second gate were two perpendicular fences meet. Continue through the second gate moving west passing two characteristic large boulders aiming for the last of the three bunkers.
From here stay on the path marked with red paint dots as it contours around a ridge and down into a narrow gorge.
The cave and the beautiful beach are now visible. Reach the caves lips and from the north side scramble down (4a) into the hole.

Climbing Routes
Route Difficulty Length
Body Buldeuse – 7b+ 20m*** 7b+ 20
Kontrato – 7a+ 20m*** 7a+ 20
Abrazis – 5c+ 20m*** 5c+ 20
Abrazos – 6c+ 20m*** 6c+ 20
Adini – 5c 25m 5c 25
Armata Sikati- 7b 50m*** 7b 50
B69 – 5b+ 15m** 5b+ 15
BMW 6b 15m*** 6b 15
El Chocho Loco – 6b+ 25m*** 6b+ 25
El Chupodromo – 6c+ 25m*** 6c+ 25
Exit – 4a 15m** 4a 15
Jaws 8c 50m 8c 50 – (Multipitch) 7b 66
Laurent …y’ a quelqu’un – 7c 38m*** 7c 38
Les arts du vide- 8b 40m*** 8b 40
Les Dents De La Mer – 60m 8a+ 8a+ 60
Les pirates de Sikati – 8a+ 50m*** 8a+ 50
Little bulbos 7c+ 33m*** 7c+ 33
Locita – 8a 45m*** 8a 45
Morgan Adam est une Andalouse – 8b 75m***. 8b 75
Mort Aux Chevres – 7a+ 30m 7a+ 30
Ou est l’ equipe – 7b+ 25m*** 7b+ 25
Por una sociedad con mujeres satisfechas- 8b 80m*** 8b 80

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Climbing Kalymnos Island