Skalia Pillar - climbing sector - Skalia Kalymnos


Using the same dirt road for Palace, once meeting the two info signs, instead of turning left continue upward until a big curve with a small gate to your right and ‘’Skalia Pillar written on the left of the gate in red on. Walk through the gate and downwards to an olive tree and from there continue for another 12 min strait ahead towards a super yellow pillar. 

Climbing Routes
Route Difficulty Length
“7c+”- 5c+ 22m*** 5c+ 22
Big Merci – 6a+ 32m*** 6a+ 32
Callas – 6a+ 20m ** 6a+ 20
Captain Koymantaros – 6c 33m*** 6c 33
Eat the rich – 6a+ 22m** 6a+ 22
Egeo TV – 5c 25m** 5c 25
Fakir Plaisir - 6c 35m** 6a 35
Fegafjyva – 6a+ 25m*** 6a+ 25
Fegafjyva extension – 6b+ 30m 6b+ 30
Kaly Dream – 6c 33m*** 6c 33
Kaly Magic – 7a 36m *** 7a 36
Kaly Minogue - 6c 35m*** 6c 35
Kalyitaly – 6c+ 33m *** 6c+ 33
Koutouzis – 6a+ 25m** 6a+ 25
Koutouzis extension – 6b+ 35m** 6b+ 35
Mamas Reporter – 5b 30m*** 5b 30
Razor Edge - 6b 35m** 6b 35
Runarounspit – 5c+ 20m *** 5c+ 20
Sea, sun and pain - 7b+ 35m** 7b+ 35
Stone dead for ever – 7b 35m 7b 35
Tandori love – 6a+ 20m ** 6a+ 20
Tealhamas – 6a+ 30m*** 6a+ 30
The orange grove - 7a+ 30m 7a+ 30
The snow must go on – 6a+ 35m *** 6a+ 35
The snow must go on extension 6b 6b  
Video Clip – 5c+ 20m** 5c+ 20
Zymoto - 5c+ 31m *** 5c+ 31
Zymoto extension – 6b ?m 6b  

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Climbing Kalymnos Island

ELIES Homes is the former Hotel ELIES.

ELIES Homes used to be a 3 star hotel for many years.

People know it as Hotel ELIES and still refer to it like this. Even on this website you might find the title Hotel ELIES.

Please ask for the former Hotel ELIES, if locals don't know where ELIES Homes are. And keep in mind that it is not a hotel anymore.