LINARIA beach at Panormos KALYMNOS

Grey white sand and pebbles, swallow water, big trees for shadow. Easy accessible but it might be a little difficult to enter the sea when the sea bed is not covered by sand.

Linaria beach is surrounded by restaurants, fish - ouzo and BBQ taverns, cafes, bars, kebab. Most of them are open all year round. Stunning sunsets and nightlife!

MARINOS Restaurant

ELIES square, Panormos Kalymnnos. ☎ 0030-2243047591

Family restaurant and take-away, delicious traditional Greek and Kalymnian cuisine, big portions, reasonable prices, open all year round!


  1. FYLLA (Dolmades): Wine leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat.
  2. MUURI: Lamp stuffed with rice
  3. MOUSSAKA: We guess that everybody knows what moussaka is
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0030-6947604120, 0030-22430-47890