PANORMOS village

Συνεδριακό Αμφιθέατρο

Συνεδριακό Αμφιθέατρο Για την εκδήλωση σας στην Κάλυμνο.

Οι Κατοικίες ΕΛΙΕΣ, διαθέτουν ένα υψηλής αισθητικής, πλήρως εξοπλισμένο Αμφιθέατρο. Που είναι και το μοναδικό στην Κάλυμνο.

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Koukouvas family - cheese and milk products at ELIES square

Koukouvas family is a shepherds family, living in Argos village, where they grow up sheeps and cows, and they operate a creamery specialized in traditional cheeses.

They sell their products in a small shop at ELIES square.

We strongly recommend that you try their tasty Kalymnian cheese varieties like "Mizithra" (soft white cheese) and "ladotyri" (yellow cheese), along with their own yogurt and "rizogalo" (rice pudding - a dessert made with milk and rice).

They also sell their own thyme honey and wild herbs collected from Kalymnos mountains, like oregano, "thrimbi" (a kind of oregano), "alisfakia" (local name of faskomilo - sage).

Chatzismalis family - agricultural products at ELIES square

Chatzismalis family is an agricultural family living and cultivating their own orchard in Panormos village.

They are selling their fresh organic fruits and vegetables at a small shop on ELIES square.

We strongly suggest that you try their juicy and tasty pomegranates, mandarins, oranges and other daily harvested seasonal fruits

ELIES square

The center of Panormos village

You will find ELIES square 5 km from Kalymnos port, 2 km from Myrties and 3 km from Massouri.

It is both the center of Panormos village and the crossroad to come to Hotel ELIES, or to go to the beaches, the climbing sectors, the bars, taverns and restaurants of Panormos.

Around ELIES square you will find bus stops, restaurants, cafeterias, tourist shops, car / moto rentals, a gas station, a pharmacy, pastry shops, mini markets, a fax / copy center, a gift shop, an ATM and producers selling local products.

Bus stop at ELIES square towards Kalymnos port

Use this stop to go to Chora, to Pothia (Kalymnos town) and to Kalymnos port

Pigadia crossroad

Enter of the ring road of Panormos. The word Pigadia means "wells" and it comes from 3 wells existing there.

Gaidourorachos crossroad

Turn right to go to KAMARI climbing sectors and to enter the ring road of Panormos. Gaidourorachos means "the donkey's ridge".

Symblegades Petres - climbing sector - KAMARI Kalymnos

Access: Heading from Myrties to Panormos following the main road at the top of the hill just before taking the road downwards to Panormos make a left turn where the sign for hotel Kamari is and follow the blue marks witch will lead you to a building under construction. Park there and continue on foot for 15min following the blue marks. A gorge 15 – 20m wide with routes on the west, east and north face.(Slab, wall, overhanging).

Ourania - climbing sector - KAMARI Kalymnos


Use the same as for Symblegades to your left you will see a big cave. North west facing.


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