PANORMOS village

Beaches of Panormos Kalymnos

5 minutes walking to the nearby beaches.

Getting out of Hotel ELIES:

Climbing Sectors of Panormos Kalymnos

Going to the nearby climbing areas.

At less than 1 km from Hotel ELIES you will find the climbing sectors of Panormos village and of Kamari village. Most of the rest climbing sectors of Kalymnos island are within a radius of 5 km and you can reach them in 10 minutes driving. 

To access the climbing sectors of Panormos, get the road in front of Hotel ELIES until the end of it at Kantouni beach. From there get the path to Agios Fotis chapel. 

To access the climbing sectors of Kamari, get the road to Myrties and turn right at Gaidourorachos crossroad.

Agios Fotis - climbing sector - Panormos Kalymnos

Access: The same as for Monastery but continue walking on the main path to the small church of  St Fotios. The sector is actually a few min after it. (Southwest facing slab, wall, overhanging).

Mantres - climbing sector - Panormos Kalymnos

Access: The same as for Austrians but instead of turning left towards the crag continue on the main path for another 5 min. The sector is just before the only white wall, to your left.

Austrians - climbing sector - Panormos Kalymnos

From the left side of Kantouni beach take the path along the sea side under the church of St Athanasios. After 100m leave the main path and continue to your left and upwards following the small red marks for 15 min. This sector has also some boulder routes.( West facing slab, wall, overhanging)

End of the road at Kantouni beach

Start of the path to the climbing sectors of Panonrmos, to STAVROS monastery and to Agios FOTIS chapel.

Access Kantouni beach from the South side and Chnavaria beach.

CHANAVARIA beach at Panormos Kalymnos

Small hidden isolated beach with white pebbles and rocks for suntan and diving. Nice seabed for snorkeling.

KANTOUNI beach at Panormos KALYMNOS

Black sand, swallow water, big trees for shadow. Surrounded by bars and cafes. You can access Kantouni beach by feet from Linaria crossroad or driving until the end of the road.

LINARIA beach at Panormos KALYMNOS

Grey white sand and pebbles, swallow water, big trees for shadow. Easy accessible but it might be a little difficult to enter the sea when the sea bed is not covered by sand.

Linaria beach is surrounded by restaurants, fish - ouzo and BBQ taverns, cafes, bars, kebab. Most of them are open all year round. Stunning sunsets and nightlife!


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