PANORMOS village

KSISITOS beach at Panormos Kalymnos

Small isolated beach, grey pebbles and thick sand, rock diving, snorkeling. Start of the coastal path to Platys Gialos. 

Linaria crossroad

Turn towards Linaria at this point. Use it to access Linaria beach, Kantouni beach from the North side, Ksisitos beach and Platys Gialos by feet from the coast.

Platis Gialos crossroad

To go to Platys Gyalos beach get the road between ELIES square and the Gas station

PLATIS GIALOS beach at Panormos Kalymnos

A beach for every taste.Platys Gialos

Black sand, soft pebbles, rock diving, snorkeling, spear fishing, body surfing, night swimming, secret beaches, beautiful sunsets, beach bars and restaurants! Trees for shadow and a few umbrellas with sun beds.

Bus stop at ELIES square towards Emporios

Get down to this bus station when coming to Hotel ELIES from Pothia (Kalymnos town), from Chora or from Argos (Kalymnos airport. 

Use this station to go to Kamari, Melitchacha, Myrties, Telendos Island, Masouri, Armeos, Casteli, Arginonda, Skalia, Emporios and the beaches and climbing sectors of these areas.

Monastery - climbing sector - Panormos Kalymnos

Access: From the left (south) end of Kantouni beach, you follow a good path parallel to the sea for 20 minutes. As soon as you meet the yellow marks, follow them to the rocks (5 -10 minutes) which are in an open gorge which ends at the sea (total: 25-30 min).

MARINOS Restaurant

ELIES square, Panormos Kalymnnos. ☎ 0030-2243047591

Family restaurant and take-away, delicious traditional Greek and Kalymnian cuisine, big portions, reasonable prices, open all year round!


  1. FYLLA (Dolmades): Wine leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat.
  2. MUURI: Lamp stuffed with rice
  3. MOUSSAKA: We guess that everybody knows what moussaka is

Conference Amphitheater of Hotel ELIES

For holding your event on Kalymnos Island. Conference Amphitheater of ELIES Homes

Hotel ELIES feature a high design fully equipped Amphitheater. The only one available on Kalymnos Island.

It accommodates up to 140 people and it is designed to offer full safety and comfort. It is accessible to people with movability difficulties. Ground floor, no daylight.

The Amphitheater is designed to properly orient for Conferences, Meetings, Conventions, Presentations, Educationan Seminars, Certification Examinations, Projections, small Concerts ....

KALYMNOS Diving Center

The 5 Star PADI Dive Resort of Hotel ELIES!

Join us on the best dives in Kalymnos. Become a diver within 3 days or have your first dive within 3 hours.

You don't have to stay in Hotel ELIES to join KALYMNOS Diving Center.

But if you stay with us, make sure you take advantage of our special accommodation rates for scuba diving and the Scuba Diving Holiday Packages.

Panormos village of Kalymnos Island

Hotel ELIES is located at the center of Panormos Village

Air photo showing part of Panormos village.  Hotel ELIES is highlighted at the left side of the photo. 
Air photo showing part of Panormos village.  Hotel ELIES is highlighted at the left side of the photo.
location of Hotel ELIES


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